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Project Grand Shadows is a digital photography comic book project about a homeless man, outsider in our society, who gets recruited to an experiment that goes wrong.

As much as the project is about telling the story of the main character, it is about the journey of making the comic. It is an inside look into what it takes to create art that combines photography with visual effects and what it’s like to put together the world around the story using costumes, props and real locations. It is about the challenges you face when it’s time to breathe life into written words, but most importantly, it’s about three close friends creating something great together.

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April 19, 2017 - 照片代替绘画 美帝新超级英雄漫画摒弃传统制作方式


April 18, 2017 - Project Grand Shadows, an upcoming... photocomic?...


April 18, 2017 - Project Grand Shadows; stripboek gemaakt met foto's...


April 18, 2017 - This new superhero comic is made of photos instead of drawings...


April 17, 2017 - These guys are creating their own epic superhero comic with photos instead of illustrations...


By Janne Suhonen - Director/writer/visual effects artist

Years ago I was trying to figure out a story. I was working as a visual effects artist and with my cinematographer friend, we wanted to start a personal project where we could focus almost solely on the creative side of our work. After all, it was the area in our profession we both loved the most. To put it simply, we wanted to create something with high production value, but without limitations of the production world.

I’ve never been a professional writer and really haven't aspired to be one, but during my life, I’ve managed to collect many different stories and story ideas into my drawer. So naturally I was the one tasked to come up with something.

At first the idea was to do a short film, but after a while I found myself writing a trailer for imaginary movie. Trailers usually doesn’t show that much about the story itself, but I really needed the main parts of the storyline to be bulletproof to achieve the feeling of a real movie trailer.

Despite our best efforts and days spent working on the project, trailer failed to take off and the project slowly dried out. But the story just never went away. It was going circles in my head and I kept working on it every now and then thinking that maybe someday, it would see the light of the day in some form.

On one, most likely cold winter night early this year I decided to throw an idea to Juhamatti, my tombstone carving friend, who had suddenly become a photographer with little bit of fame and followers. My grand idea was to create a comic with photographs and visual effects.

Many of Juhamatti's recent works had some kind of small story behind them, so it was not a huge surprise to hear that comic was something Juhamatti had thought too. His biggest problem was that the story of that scale was missing. We were suppose to hang out later that week, so I promised to pitch one of my own to him.

Very soon we found ourselves shooting first promotional photos of the character. Matti, close friend of us both became the lead actor and after he arrived to first shooting day with punch of handmade weapons for the character, we knew he would be the perfect prop master for the project. Our team was complete.

Now we needed everyone on the same page.


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